Earn a Higher-Level CompTIA Certification

You can renew your CompTIA certification by earning a qualifying, higher-level CompTIA certification.

Overview and Eligibility

Earning a qualifying higher-level CompTIA certification can also renew your lower-level CompTIA certifications. Click on a certification below to see which ones will automatically renew other CompTIA certifications.

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+)
CompTIA CySA+, CompTIA PenTest+
CompTIA Cloud+

Cloud+ (CV0-002)
Fully renews: A+ and Linux+

Cloud+ (CV0-003)
Fully renews: A+, Network+ and Linux+

CompTIA Linux+

Fully renews: A+

CompTIA Security+

Fully renews:Network+ and A+

CompTIA Network+

Fully renews: A+

CompTIA Data+

Fully renews: N/A

CompTIA A+

Fully renews: N/A

You can renew certain CompTIA certifications by achieving CompTIA Server+. Click on a certification to see which other CompTIA certification(s) it renews.

CompTIA Server+

Fully renews: Network+ and A+

What You Need to Know

Follow these requirements to renew your certification by earning a higher-level CompTIA certification.

  • Timing: You must earn the higher-level CompTIA certification during your three-year renewal cycle.
  • Documentation: You do not need to provide specific documentation. When you pass the exam of a valid CompTIA certification within the three-year renewal cycle, CompTIA will automatically renew your certification. 
  • Relevance: The higher-level CompTIA certification must correspond to the lower-level CompTIA certification you are renewing.
  • CE Fees: Continuing Education (CE) fees for your existing CompTIA certification are waived when you renew it by earning a higher-level CompTIA certification.
  • Expiration Date:  If you're planning to renew your CompTIA certification(s) by achieving a higher-level CompTIA certification, please note that your current certification expiration date(s) will be aligned with the expiration date of the higher-level certification (three years from the date you earn the higher-level certification.) 
    Example: You currently have an A+ CE certification with an expiration date of June 30, 2020. If you achieve a Network+ CE certification on January 18, 2018 the expiration date will be January 18, 2021. Your A+ certification expiration date will be changed to January 18, 2021 to align with your Network+ expiration date. (A+ would not be renewed for another three years to June 30, 2023.)