Earn a non-CompTIA IT industry certification

You can renew your CompTIA certification by earning or renewing a qualifying non-CompTIA IT industry certification.

Overview and Eligibility

All CompTIA certifications that are part of the Continuing Education (CE) program can be renewed by earning a qualifying non-CompTIA IT industry certification. Click on your certification below to see your options:

What You Need to Know

  • Timing: The non-CompTIA IT industry certification must be earned or renewed during your three-year renewal cycle.
  • Relevance: CompTIA has preapproved specific IT industry certifications that are relevant to the CompTIA certification you are renewing. Only the certifications listed on the preapproved charts can be used to earn CEUs.
  • Documentation: Submit the completed IT industry certification by selecting the “Earned a Non-CompTIA Certification” activity to receive CEUs.

    Your submission must include a copy of the certificate, transcript or badge link issued by the certifying body and contain the following information:

    1. Your name
    2. Name of the certification
    3. Date the certification was earned or renewed

    Please note, training completion certificates, score reports and emails are not valid submissions.

  • CE Fees: CE fees apply when renewing your CompTIA certification with a non-CompTIA IT industry certification.